Ever thought of playing all three dozens separately?

Started by Albalaha, Oct 30, 2023, 05:40 AM

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How about playing all three dozens as separate bets with a target to earn higher from the best doing dozen and betting least on the least hitting one thereby winning in overall? What kind of money management would do the best in such cases? I believe that if we play for about 37 spins, we should expect something like this:
D1:15, D2:12, D3:9, 0=1.

Can we also win if it remains like:
D1:12, D2:12, D3:12 and 0:1, with the same idea, if yes, how?
Give it a try
I will be back soon.


If you wanna achieve that = lowest possible exposition on the least performing dozen;

you gotta bet flat firstly, whatever the position type used, I'd suggest some form of parachtuting although not the most novice one =classical, so progressing in risk meanwhile the positions played, however many are flat ..

& the counterpart, is to apply some type of press, by taking advantage of hits' gains & leveraging them towards higher or amplified profits ..

the press can take various forms, one of them is still playing flat & progressing in risk, & in addition to that also reducing the coverage; as an example you might have played 2-3 positions in a dozen to secure a hit (2DS, 2Q, 2ST, 3ST, DS+Q, Q+ST, Q+2ST), & then after the hit play one position only for several spins to further amplify the profits, as much as the hit's gains might finance.

Still, in my experience, playing all three dozens, I found it quite hard for the two other dozen to generate enough profit to overcome the least performing one, even harder for substantial profits overall.

How would you deal with such a task, anything to add?


screenshot excel.png

I am only brainstorming of cases where any bet goes at least 3 steps ahead of its counterpart/s. Isn't it a regular thing that a dozen goes three steps ahead of the second best doing one? If we just do +1 on loss and +2 on wins on all dozens. We will get something like this. While bets goes bigger, we can add some bet on 0 too.


OK, but hmmm .. increasing verticaly so quick, just one Zero on either of the spins, especially 8,9,10 would result in cca. -30.

Given that you'made net +3u, as one individual game till restart, & taking you 11 spins to do that, you'd require 10x such games justbto break-even; & in 150 sins, just going by the average expectation of 1/37 you'd see 3 Zeroes appearances, can be more ..


What I told is not an ultimate way but rather an example. We can still fight upon all bets in a sensible way and the best doing one can win.


The best approach would be:

1. spin: donĀ“t bet
2. spin: bet the hit one
3. spin: add 1 unit to each hit (if 2 have hit)
4. spin: add 1 unit to each hit, but if all 3 have hit reduce the bets:
instead 3 2 1 bet only 2 1 0 (most hit, runner up, least hit)

if there will be an favourite you will always have the highest bet on it.

Stop in a Plus and restart. Otherwise if the sleepers come up you will be in a losing streak.


Thanks Winkel for your positive inputs. Can you try your suggested MM on the session I provided and where will it stop? That will help all.