RNG vs Actuals

Started by VLS, Sep 23, 2023, 04:30 PM

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Bayes said:

Quote from: BayesIf the wheel is random (all outcomes equally likely and independent) then all patterns will be the same regardless of how they were generated. If you create a 'virtual' wheel and test a system using numbers from random.org and compare with results from a real wheel you won't be able to tell any difference, even though there are no actual sectors. This must be the case because there's nothing special about the order of numbers around the wheel or on the layout - both are arbitrary and could have been arranged in countless other ways.

At times you will get 'hot' sectors on your virtual wheel, exactly the same as on a real wheel.


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What Bayes said is true!

As an example take 37 numbers and then add the pocket distances next to them.

Using a clockwise setting for the pocket distances...

18  11
33  30
29  08

So looking at the pocket distances, you see 11, 30 and 8 which are all closely related on the physical wheel.

You see this all the time where the pocket distances are mimicking a type of dealers signature. Also the LOTT replicates itself just the same with the manufactured set of pocket distance numbers as it does with a list of numbers from the physical wheel and so in conclusion, there isn't really going to be any difference either between actuals and RNG.