Wheel Bias

Started by FreeRoulette, Nov 07, 2023, 07:15 PM

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At what point would you consider a number or group to be dead, or have an advantage.

Lets say that you count each number that comes up. When all numbers come up, you reduce the count by 1 for all of them. Continuing in that pattern, you could have 1 number that didn't come up in 400 spins. To cover all numbers on a double zero would be about 10 number each, distributed.

Some numbers will have a count of more than 10 and that one number will have zero.

What range would you consider a number to be bias?


Best way is to run a Chi-Square-Test.

Your counting is biased - definitely.

Let´s say the last number hits at spin 150. And every time it shows you kick it out again.
What if this number awakes as a new favourit and hits 12 times in a row (just to show the mistake) but you keep kicking it out?