CARPANTA's double streets, modified by Zechnas

Started by VLS, Feb 16, 2023, 01:57 PM

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I know that the issue of the cut-point to derive a benefit is the crux of the matter to win at roulette.

Lately I set the cut based on being able to close a positive micro-game even if it is only +1 chip profit.

My proposal is the following, you will see!...

I look for a repetition of DS, using the felt-based ones; when this happens, I start playing 1 chip, if I lose I continue with 1 until I lose five chips, then I continue with 2, etc. But if while betting this repeated DS, another DS is repeated then I start to play it.

So, playing two double streets I will play like this:


It is a bit like the ATILA progression applied to this case.

If while I am playing the 2 DS there is a third repetition then I immediately play this recent last DS + the previous ones, discarding the older one.

Always doing it like so. The only thing that I do not cut and I do maintain is the progression that I had.

If I have 1 hit and I'm still in the negative, then I continue with the progression until I hit and achieve a positive, recovering the bulk of the previous losses + some profit chips.

You do not parachute before a win, but you return to the initial betting unit.

You will be surprised to see that sooner or later there will be 2 or 3 consecutive hits that will allow you to close the micro-game positively.

In some cases the passive can raise a lot but it closes at the end as I said.

500 chips are needed to play like this and you can look for a daily profit of 100 chips.

Study it and then you will tell me. It is the best "system" that I know to date, and it gives enough to go to eating coconuts under a palm tree in the Caribbean.

All the best.

Zechnas' tweaks

Well, I have adapted the game to my way and introduced some changes:

1) Bankroll of 100 units to target between 30 and 50 units of profit.

2) Carpanta talks about following the progression until the passive is recovered and there is at least +1 unit profit. After a hit, even when still having a negative balance, I look at the balance and the current  step of the progression. If I can lower the unit size, I do it to avoid the risk of a climb in the progression.

3) When the current progression unit is 3 or more, I always place a chip on the square formed by the last number. out of that line.

4) When I look for a repetition of DS, I do it in the last 6 or 7 spins.

Courtesy of Zechnas/2022


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-- Victor