Dozen/Column march: Break-Even Point

Started by VLS, Oct 01, 2022, 06:10 AM

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Break-Even Point March. It obeys the reason of betting two opposite events(Dozen repetition and Non repetition) alternatively. Which flat betting usually have the tendency to float up and down, in cycles, making it an option for a placeholder bet without rising the unit, or by the addition of a positive progression, a nice candidate for grinding some profits in regular sessions of play.

March's procedure:

A:When a dozen repeats, play the last spun dozen hunting "Dozen repetition" event, for 3 spins. Moving from dozen to dozen as they are spun.

B:If after 3 spins there is no dozen repetition, then switch to betting againstthe "Dozen repetition" event, by playing the other 2 dozens, uncovering last dozen spun.

When a dozen repeats, go back to A. this is a "loop", or better expresed, a March.

Zeroes aren't reacted to. When a zero appears, bet selection continues as usual, even as the bet is lost.

Ok, what use might a "Break Even" march have other than a placeholder bet? Well... adding a positive progression the charts tend to go upwards, enough to wrap a strategy around it.

I have used the pluscoup positive progression along with this.

-- Victor