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Started by ADulay, Sep 01, 2022, 07:54 PM

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Looks like I'm early to the party here but here's an interesting casino experience from just last month out in Deadwood, South Dakota.

I make an annual motorcycle run out west every year in August to Sturgis and one of my off day treks is a run to Deadwood and the Cadillac Jack's casino.

As they do not have any baccarat tables I decided to play on the stadium roulette table for an hour or so.

Dropped a few hundred into the console and checked the monitor just to see if there was anything that caught my eye and yes there was.  The table had been trending low for some reason so as I was just playing around, I started to wager on the low boxes (1-12) and (13-24).

41 spins later it turns out that the low boxes produced 38 out of 41 wins!

A nice payday for no other reason than I decided to play "boxes" that day instead of columns and pressed the winning wagers each time out.



Welcome aboard Andy!

Very nice to see you here 🤗

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Sorry to be late back to the party but things have been a bit hectic locally for me and casino work.

I've been working a lot with dozens (boxes/columns) but am still massaging the data collected in live play.

My local casino is a stadium roulette game with no dealer, only the live wheel.

When I'm in Minnesota visiting family I'm into a non-roulette casino and wind up back at the baccarat table but my interest in roulette in pretty old and runs deep so I continue to work with it.

I'll attempt to put up some results and ideas in the future assuming things calm down around here.