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Started by VLS, Jan 02, 2023, 04:22 AM

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Current ToDo entries for 2023 (in no particular order):

[] RIBOT module for Totalwinner as per HardMan's public/published instructions.

[] RIBOT module for Moglizu's system.

[] RIBOT module for the Holy Grail by Buffster system.

[] Update the forum's recent topics on the index to reflect unread posts for members.

[] New [FELT] tag with configurable numbers.

[] New [WHEEL] tag with configurable numbers

[] Add [COLORIZE] tag to highlight/colorize bet-related text strings automatically e.g. strings of RB, PB, LW.

[] Various RIBOT suggestions.

[] Some form of online game with custom numbers and stats, even a basic one for starters.

[] Some form of user-commanded module generation with no code or very little code required e.g. Engine to create roulette systems, MANUAL SYSTEM-ASSEMBLING INTERFACE.

[] Post versioning system.

The list is certainly not exhaustive and chances are there will be more additions, especially as these ones are completed.

Coding requests section entries are of course implicit.

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-- Victor


Currently working on a Mission statement for the forum + enabling RIBOT FULL subscription for our community to thrive in a honest and sustainable way :)

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-- Victor