Devoting January 2024 to clear the code I owe (free and paid)

Started by VLS, Jan 05, 2024, 06:27 PM

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Hello dear friends, as mentioned in the thread for finding programmers, the days of me doing private coding are reaching a final stage.

Having said that, I am devoting this start of the year to delivering the code I owe, first the pending paid ones then the free/public use.

Thank you very much to all involved. January 2024 is all I ask/need to clear things.

Much blessings,

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-- Victor


Hi Vic,
I respect your time and work that you do. One request though: try to promise less and deliver more in future. Obviously you have priorities but we are still waiting for the decent upgrade of RBT client. Not to forget any bugs that may come with new release!



Thanks @aris, Last year was an overworking mess. I would clear a week or so just to have a big client come to ask me to stop things and devote entirely to him for a month+... I haven't really taken a rest since mid 2023.

As for this year roulette-wise, I'm delivering the pending releases and that's it. I won't be engaging in more private coding.

It's time for me to retire and look for passive income.

The only project I'll be truly devoting to actively is the RBT. Second, putting some time into RIBOT for *other* programmers to build modules for it.

(I.e. doing the "heavy lifting" code-wise and have the fellows around create scripts/modules for reusing the bot foundation)

Depending on how the year goes sales-wise, we can consider building more things, but -so far- this is it.

(P.S: I'm setting up the new RBT client while working alongside with two clients for the weekend, mind you. This overworking lifestyle needs to end. There's more in life than work!)

Thanks again for being around & part of the community 🤗

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-- Victor