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Started by VLS, Feb 01, 2024, 12:59 AM

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Hello dear friends, I am finally home for a long overdue two-week vacation to be used to clear the pending coding of programs carried-over from the past year.

I haven't really taken a vacation since mid 2023. Deep apologies. This is the time to give closure.

No buts, no ifs. I deliver the programs since they aren't that many users and they aren't that many ones. It has been simply a matter of time, to which there is no excuse now as I am officially clear.

So, I'm taking a little rest to provide the brain with a bit of breath to launch a Roulette-coding spree with inter-daily report of progress.

Thank you very much.

(This trhead is closed since this is just announceing, there's no need to discuss other than the order and it is clearing pending paid code on first days and then -after delivery- devoting the remaining time to the free ones)

Thanks from a humbled,

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-- Victor