Binary Money Management

Started by VLS, Jan 16, 2023, 02:54 PM

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It is called "Binary" because you flip & flop between two bets:

A – B

In my framework, one side is always flat (1 unit) and the other side is a dynamic counter.

1 – N

You start with the flat bet at all times, on a cycle miss you stay there and only move to the other side of the binary after a win/hit.

The counter can be raised after a won cycle or even after a lost cycle, but it needs to be adjustable dynamically (always looking at the bankroll).

1 – 2
1 – 3
1 – 4
1 – N

It can go up and down. It works both for positive and negative MM. For instance, lets say you are:

1– 5

If after a win/hit cycle, you are only needing a 2-unit bet to recoup, then you can go back to:

1 – 2

You ALWAYS go back to 1 unit after a lost cycle so the worst times are always flat bets with minimal units.

It can even have a ternary mode where you don't bet at all (zero) after N number of misses, landing back to the flat bet (1) prior to resuming normal play once the stream looks more regular.

0 – 1 – N

(It's all up to your personal betting style)

This Binary Money Management is another one to consider for your MM arsenal.

-- Victor


Or you could simply call it, bet flat & then, if necessary, press.


Really good idea, example flat and d'Alembert -1 on win +1 on loss, in this case we just capitalize the
Majority of win in theory with d'Alembert Just in case a lot of LWLWLW etc can make some loss on buy in I will try it