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Started by 6th-sense, Dec 23, 2022, 09:04 PM

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every roulette site should have this...ayk built the basic one years ago..I was heavily involved to get it as it is today...though it was available online..sadly its not anymore except on my personnel server..which is a few seconds slow..but here is the desktop version which runs just as fast as original...download and extract..
you need winrar to do this..
azim did a bit of a video how to use here https://streamable.com/1x0cp saves me explaining

so extract and click on the index icon...


can't modify messages on here...would have liked to upload on roulette profs site but can't upload rar files on his platform ..shame really


Thanks 6th-sense,

 I see what you mean now about downloading this instead of the gaps tracker. It kind of does everything.

From some limited testing, I was able to see a few things that stood out from the rest. What was interesting was when a number didn't hit for 60+ spins and then hits again quickly in single digits. Quite often, it would hit again within another 10 spins. It's not going to break the bank looking for a few of those to happen.

Anyway, it's a great little programme.


probably the best roulette tracking software ever...when you set config to any spin count it turns into a rolling tracker at chosen spin count...glad you like it..everything is seen at a glance