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Started by VLS, Oct 24, 2023, 07:32 AM

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Here's what can be considered a funny/tongue-in-cheek excerpt from Manrique...

(About being a professional, with special attention to #9)

A Perfect Professional proceeds like this:

1- He never rushes to lose.

2- He never rushes to recover.

3- He never rushes to win.

4- He never rushes to leave.

5- You do not stay in the casino more than the time you need to win.

6- When you are losing, you play less or don't play, or stop playing.

7- When you win, you don't get excited or do calculations about how much you are going to win, you just think about what to do when you start losing.

8- Always, even if he loses, he leaves with something of what he brought.

9- Reads Manrique.

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-- Victor