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Started by VLS, Oct 04, 2022, 06:16 AM

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Let me explain my take on the 50% Money Management from scratch with 3 starting banks as lifetime-bankroll:


This is the main scheme: To explode as much as possible 1st bank's unit value in order to create as many minimum-value banks to act as "cushion" between you and the casino as you can make. The more banks the better because in gambling having available bankrolls to play is life itself.

If you are playing you'd want to own the profits as soon as you finish your session, but also your stack of banks needs to grow. Under the 50% framework, after a winning session you split the 100% won amount like this:


50% for you and 50% to re-invest.

The re-invested 50% amount is again split in half (25% + 25%) and distributed equally to increase the unit value at the 1st bank you want to Explode in the $$$ value and to help in the creation of new banks to serve as more cushion between you and the casino.


As you have a successful inter-session winning streak (several sessions won in a row) you grow the unit value of the first bank, and this triggers more actual money for you to have your 50% cut with each session, increases more rapidly the number of minimum-value unit banks as "cushion" and also enters in a positive loop by re-increasing 1st bank's $$$ value per unit.


If you hit a bad inter-session streak (several concatenated sessions lost) after losing the first bank, a minimum-unit value bank is taken from reserve and you give back / lose the least $$$ possible as the value is returned to the minimum again.


Please remember the more fragmented the unit the better. If you play -for instance- the dozens with 1 unit = 10 chips, you can enjoy rising in decimals like this: 10.1 = 11 chips placed on the dozen. 10.3 = 13 chips placed, etc. when using "solid" units ( 1 unit = 1 chip ) this is not available.

Feel free to use this Money Management scheme with the system that suits you better.

Hope it helps.

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-- Victor