Parachute as a recovery scheme

Started by VLS, Dec 13, 2022, 05:12 PM

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IMHO traditional parachuting is better to be used more as a recovery scheme rather than a continual-betting strategy, for instance:

Production: 5 double streets (30 numbers, 5 units).

Recovery: 34-unit parachute (+2 per win minimum, hence 3 attacks at most for a +1 recovery, with the possibility of bigger wins depending on the winning step).

Another point to considerate is growing the parachute's base unit with a % of wins. This way, with an engorged unit value, the recovery can be made with even less hits 👍


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The main advantage of parachuting is buying time, in terms of spins & at the low(est) cost.

Also what's important is what you are getting for a buck.


@Vic, as you said in two main points, you see parachuting as recovery & as well a press = engorged unit value.

So we are basically talking attack, as one hit to finish (new high) & recovery, with essentially two or more hits to finish, where the second hit might be acquired at higher vertical unit value, due to reinvesting the first hit's gain;

the latter might be combined with modifying the payout too, so far having two factors as progression dimensions (vertical, in-risk) combined for a greater finesse aiming at a nominal profit, just like by analogy we use the gearbox to more efficiently apply the engines revs for acceleration & velocity or speed.

We add another progression dimension into the mix, horizontal, where we modify the number of positions, usually of the same payout type but not necessarily; thus having three progression dimensions so far utilized in a unified concept.

With these three combined in an advanced way, we might as well procure various forms of a divisor, usually & in the most basic form done as a reduction in vertical dimension alone.

Modifying or adjusting the payouts (in-risk) & horizontal combined (number of positions) we are managing coverage, & combining horizontal & vertical units (per position & total per spin spread) -- how much & where .. the only two things we have in control.


Properly combining the latter we thus keep & maintain the game in control.


Why buying time!?

Funny thing is, we alone are the ones that define the volatility; the wheel is & does one thing only, randomly generates numbers .. it's the system itself that interacts with the distribution that is the source of & generates the volatility, its rate specifically, the ranges of the amplitude.

By cost-effectively minimizing the exposition increase rate, we by design generate the least of it through the inevitable out-of-favor intervals of the distribution of various lengths, thus keeping the game in control.

Minimized volatility requires the shortest intervals of in-favor variance to obtain a new high.


Another very important factor is the protrusion rate into a new high.

Or said differently, the higher you aim with a hit at +, the more exposition would be generated at a sequence of spins without hits, or quicker & higher drawdowns = the higher volatility, & thereof higher the bankroll requirement.

You might argue that the progression scheme, whatever you use, might cover a certain degree of out-of-favor variance interval quantified in a number of (no-hit) spins, but what happens would happen when those extend into an extreme .. either the vertical progression dimension would quickly, even exponentially & unnecessary so I'll add, spiral out of control, & the only type of measure of control remaining would be resorting to stop-loss ..

When the system's aim is +1 -- going into a battle, bringing an extra warrior back or so .. in a never-ending war (Bellum Aeternum) -- obviously the contrary is true.

Would you rather have an emotional upheaval & drama, being driven on a financial roller-coaster, or do you prefer operating a monetary clockwork!? Consistency.


After a short contextual detour, this brings us again to the initially mentioned .. getting what for a buck .. in short, cost-effectiveness;

& the attack itself, to begin with.


(ⁿ = numbers played)

Say we play five double street spins. How many numbers have we played, what's the exposition?

5x DS .. 5*6= 30ⁿ .. (-5) .. 30/5= 6

So we played 30 numbers & the exposition is -5 units, with a 58.71% probability of a hit; & the coefficient between numbers played vs units used is 6. Not a bad place to start the recovery, but can we do better?

When we aim at +1, & play the most standard parachute, about 50% of the games end at the first spin already, & we played 42 numbers, for the same buck!

EC→DZ→DS→DS = 18+12+6+6= 42ⁿ .. (-5) .. 42/5= [b][I]8.4[/I][/b]

Can we condense it even further, having an even more compact form?
What about playing DZ+CL both on 2:1, before even dialing a notch further in-risk onto 5:1 ..

EC→DC→DS→DS .. (-5) .. 18+20+6+6= 50 .. 50/5= [b][I]10[/I][/b]

Here we have effectively interlaced the attack & recovery, having no clear line between them, but rather fluidly converging one into another .. kind of like light converges between electric & magnetic energy traveling onwards into & through time & space!

So, we have a closed game on spins 1,3,4 -- & on the second spin either bringing the game back to ±0→ thereof another EC hit to +1, restart, otherwise DZorCL→DS→DS→DS .. or as bonus property, when both DZ & CL hit, with a 4-number overlay facilitating that, getting a game occasionally close with +3.

Here we talked about getting the best ⁿ for a buck.


I could write about several very important concepts such as this, each sharpening your edge further; added & combined together congruently giving you just what you need to win consistently.

Its a bit different view on roulette, but simplistic & rehearsed things have been proven beaten many times over, over a few hundred years.

But there's no interest .. so Inam gonna refrain from posting. @VLS perhaps its best you delete all my records off the forum.


Quote from: HardMan on Dec 14, 2022, 05:55 PMBut there's no interest ..

Why determine your worth by current interest? How about possible future interest & appreciation of your materials over time? It is often the case that people won't value things at first go.

Had I chosen to determine my activity's value on the immediate financial return, that would be $0.00 ...Is what I do here absolutely worthless? Heck no!

We do this because we entertain and enjoy doing so.

Follow your passion AMIGO, that's the best inner guide. 🤗


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Its simply erasing footsteps behind ..


Besides, I've been way to generous ..


What's got any of of this to fo with my worth anyway, anything at all!?