HG Parachute Framework

Started by Patrik, Apr 15, 2023, 06:40 PM

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You can pick any spread of numbers randomly with no selection and cover over twenty segments of bets with a fifty percent likelihood of winning for each segment.

The only downside is that it requires a very big bankroll and I can't think of any other way, then than you start with for example nineteen numbers spread for six attempts and then twelve numbers for four attempts.
Continue with six numbers for eight attempts and four numbers for twelve attempts.
Continue with three numbers for sixteen attempts and two numbers with twenty-four attempts.
Finish the whole parachute with fifty attempts with a single number.

Math and probability dictate you can lose your first visit or you need to play one million times before hitting such a sequence and the last number in the parachute can be your lucky number.
There is no other way in my opinion that would be more effective or closer to the truth then this solution.

If you know one feels free to share.


To translate the chart:

EC one attempt
Doz two attempt
Line four attempt
Corner six attempt
Street eight attempt
Split twelve attempt
Single nr twenty-five attempt

You can use as many segments as you want
and in any combination you want