How I play at the table.

Started by FreeRoulette, Sep 10, 2022, 12:51 AM

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When I play at the table, I do not want to calculate what the bet should be to make a profit. I like to play numbers stright up. A number pays 35:1. All I have to do is place a stack of 35 chips in front of me and place 1 unit on one number. If I win, then the profit is what is left in my stack.

Knowing that, it does not matter how many number you play. If you hit a number, then the profit is what is left in your stack.

So, what happens when your stack runs out? Simply get another stack of 35, but this is your second stack, so now instead of 1 unit per number, it has to be 2 units per number.

Every time you have to add a stack of 35, the number of units that you have to place on a number at one time increases by 1.

If you win at any time, reset back to a stack of 35 and place 1 unit per number.

Remember that your profit will be what is left in the stack. So if you want your profit to alway be a minimum of 5 units, then simply take 5 units from the stack before you start.

I usually start out with 3 stacks on the table $105. It gets fun when you have a pile of chips in front of you and people think you are some sort of mathematician, but it is so simple that you just have to pay attention to the stack number.

I will also play around betting the streets or corners, if it win, then I just get more chances for the 35:1 bet to win before the stack runs out of money.


Thanks for sharing your real table tips! Chip stack math = 👍

-- Victor