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Started by FreeRoulette, Sep 10, 2022, 04:55 AM

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I like that system, but kind of wonder about the last 18 straight up numbers.

What do you think would work out best?

1 number for 18 spins
4 numbers for 4 spins + 2 numbers for 1 spin
18 numbers for 1 spin.


Quote from: FreeRoulette on Sep 10, 2022, 04:55 AM

1 number for 18 spins

The parachute is generally intended to be used as part of a bigger strategy. The core idea is targeting a single number, hence better to stick with it for the whole cycle.
Illustrative example:

Production: 5 double streets (30 numbers).

Recovery: 36-unit parachute.

When using the parachute to recover a 5-unit DS attack, you are entering and exiting recovery intermittently.

You may recover with some hits along the way to wrap it up, or you may go over +5 on a single hit.

In a sense, you are always targeting a single number, but allowing some room to give yourself the chance to skip the spin that makes you lose it all.

If you play recovery continuously you are certain to be there when such a spin comes up. In this example, it's like drinking a queue of glasses of water, with some poisonous ones spread among them. Like Manrique would say: "Guarantees: NONE" (but I bet you'd rather prefer to skip drinks for a chance to live 🙂).

-- Victor