Live roulette wheels for practice

Started by VLS, Mar 10, 2023, 09:15 PM

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Hi gents, this thread is for sharing live roulette wheels for practice:

Hope you find it useful 👍


-- Victor


only play for free...there is an option to play for real....people who did this and won big did not get paid out....was a few years ago now....




the original guy who built this site was selling wasn,t making much money....he had hundreds of different sites like this...and could also build your site like this...

I talked to him originally when this was put on the forums...when people play for real money its through the owner...we can't play dublin bet any more in the uk...but its a real landbased casino....they had different tables years ago and you watch the punters bet also...used to see allsorts at the tables...


Any idea which online casino still offers such live-dealer tables video feed game -- Dublinbets ceased to do this, studio only?

I only have to cycle through about 1000 spins, with a lower base unit ie. €1u minimum bet.