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Started by VLS, Dec 18, 2023, 02:59 AM

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The first money management scheme implemented in the new RBT is named "Proportional Binary".

This is based on the Binary MM where you keep track of two sides:

1 - X

Where 1 is flat betting and X is a variable amount calculated dynamically by dividing the current drawdown (units to break even from the session's highest) / 35 (straight-up payout),

The procedure is this:

- Start the session on the left side (1), flat betting base units.

- After a lost cycle go to the left side (1 - X).

- After a won cycle calculate "X" by: current drawdown (peak to trough) / 35. Use it as the next cycle's unit (1 - X).

The new web client has room for "pluggable" money managements. This "Proportional Binary" MM is the very first one.

(More to come).

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-- Victor


is there any one to tell how I can use the program to win