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Started by winkel, Nov 02, 2023, 06:08 PM

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Instead of describing the math I load up a spreadsheet formatted ".ods"
It can be opened with excel, open office or libre office or any other calc-software which supports .ods

The formulas are selfdescribing

LotT calc idea.xlsx


That is a mess of data, isn´t it.

So let´s bring some light to it by creating graphs:

First pic: The unhit or F0

this graph is decreasing steadily.
F0 is the only group that behaves like that, because a number that has hit can´t become an unhit again.


The second graph shows F0 and all the hit ones

As you can see the range of 37 spins telle not that much.

The group of "All hit numbers" incraeases up to 37.



The next pic shows all that have hit minimum once F>=1
additional all that have hit minimum twice F>=2

All groups that are named F>=x follow this way up to 37



But we also wanna know how the hit-exactly-x-timesX groups behave

first to show the differences:
All unhit going down
All hit going up to 37
All hit exactly 1 raise up to a peak and then go down



All the groups F=x (exactly hit x times) behave that way.

But the peaks are becoming lower.



Back to the chaos:

all these structures in one pic


who will really find a point which says this will happen at this point?

Nobody but ME!  8)


That was the theory and here comes up reality:


Who wanna say ever again that LotT tells something you can use???

especially in the first 37 spins ????