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Started by winkel, Nov 01, 2023, 11:01 PM

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The LotT is a statistical phenomenon.
It is a law because it follows the simple function:

If you have x possible random results, the probability of a single result is 1/x
If you test x results, and repeat this test very very often, you will see the proof of the LotT.

Now we are here to talk about roulette.
So x=37 and the probability is 1/37.
If you test 37 random results and repeat this test very very very often, you will get the LotT.

But if a topic starter claims: The LotT says that ....
Stop reading immediately, because there will will no good winning method, only a waste of time and space.
You will only find misunderstanding, misreading, misinterpretation and false claims

In this sub board I will try to explain the math behind it (in simple words) and the only possible approach to use the LotT with roulette.

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