Great Universal Theory - G.U.T (or GUT )

Started by winkel, Feb 11, 2023, 10:28 PM

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This is just for explanation of the basics of my thoughts.

If we start a game we have 37 numbers all non hit yet. (short F0)
After the first spin we have left 36 numbers unhit and have 1 number hit. (number hit once or more short F>0)

If we continue the count of unhit number will decrease and the count of numbers hit will increase.

In very rough example and picture:


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This is what I call the crossing.
This will always happen
This must happen
This is natural
This is a fact

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Some came and said I test this crossing 19 unhit vs. 18 hit - It lost.

What the hell did they expect?
It is the equivalent to an EC-Bet.

What it means:
It is not the bet-advice.
It is not the strategy.
It is just theoretically explanation what happens.

For the future:
Don´t bet more than 17 numbers
Don´t bet only one selected crossing

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If we go to the elaborated theories we will find the binomial distribution.
We have numbers non hit : F0
We have numbers hit exact once: F1
We have numbers hit exact twice: F2
We have numbers hit exact 3 times: F3

additional we can group numbers like this:
numbers that have hit at all: F>0
numbers that have hit more than once: F>1
numbers that have hit more than twice: F>2
and so on.

We can draw a graph from each numbers-group.
There will be crossings with all lines
So GUT is not only betting sleepers.
At start of the game it is neccessarily so, but later there will be no more sleepers and will bet on one of the other groups.

So lets have a look what a picture is created of that distribution:
(for more to see and understand I took a streak of about 100 theoretical spins)


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This is the Theory of GUT.
If we handle it with intelligence we can create wins.
If we bet on a Spin-Sequence there will be different crossings.
Some will win
some will lose
It is the mix that gives us a gain
If you are in any plus - Stop betting - go home.

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Quote from: BlueBuzzard on Today at 08:56 AM
many years ago member Kon-fu-Sed coded his GUT system and posted the results on the VLS forum. It failed (results were perfectly in line with the house edge). Winkel acknowledged this but said no system works all by itself, you have to use "gambler's intelligence". But what exactly is that? Winkel never gave an answer.

It is funny how faulty claims survive despite of me correcting them.

Do always bet red after black. What do you expect to happen?
That is the way of the Kon-fu-sed testing.

In a spin-sequence there are several different crossings, some win and some lose. The combination of betting different crossing is the way to bet.

If you bet with closed eyes, putting money on the table without looking "what is going on". You will lose with any strategy.

If you can´t see e.g. this streak is favouring repeaters and you keep on betting sleepers, you surely don´t have "gambler´s intelligence".

This is also the problem with every coding: The code puts every bet. It doesn´t mind it being crazy.

another example:
you get a sequence
18 10
17 11
16 12
15 13
14 14
Do you know the statistics which tell how many sleepers can appear in a row? surely not more than 37?
So just ask yourself: Do I bet this crossing? give yourself an answer. Decide to bet or not to bet.
That is what I mean with gamblers intelligence.

Last example
14 18
14 17
14 16
14 15
14 14

Would you bet this crossing? There have hit only F1 or higher for 6 spins. When will a sleeper hit again?

As you can see a crossing 14 14 is never always the same, there are different ways to create it.

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Betting crossings that are not neighbours

normally we bet like this:
F0 vs F1 or
F4 vs F5

but we have also crossings like F0 vs F3 if the count shows
F0 F1 F2 F3
7 14 10  6

The crossing would be perfect if
- F0 decreases
- F3 increases

Betting F0 only wouldn´t make F3 increase
Betting F2 only would decrease F0
so we have to bet both groups

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Quote from: winkel on Feb 12, 2023, 12:34 PM

Betting F0 only wouldn´t make F3 increase
Betting F2 only would decrease F0
so we have to bet both groups

sorry this is correct:
Betting F2 only wouldn´t decrease F0

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If we only concentrate on the lines of the graphs to cross we have to consider:

a)There are lines which are constantly decreasing: F0
b)There are lines which are constantly increasing: all lines defined by F>x
c)There are lines which increase very fast and then turn to decreasing: all lines definded by Fx (exactly hit)

lines of c) can also sometime "wave"

If we bet a crossing we have to see that we can´t bet on "decreasing F>x" or increasing F0
sounds funny, but learn about

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Another main rule.

If you got several crossings to bet ...

If in doubt don´t bet
You can be right with your decision or wrong. If you don´t bet you definitely don´t lose.


Don´t hesitate. Make a decision

6th-sense don,t have to justify yourself because of the other thread..even after bluebuzzards comment...

GUT is an awesome visual tool the way you have just presented will always be an outstanding piece of work..

visual in a way that roulette works...I really did like my simple explanation of the mechanics of roulette...two up described the formula on the other forum...formulas are great...but for the simple person a basic explanation with visuals is a lot better...GUT is such a visual..and simple explanation...not everyone is maths orientated ..

no disrespect to TwoUp...I do like his maths side to explain things...

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Quote from: 6th-sense on Feb 12, 2023, 05:57 PM don,t have to justify yourself because of the other thread..even after bluebuzzards comment...

I don´t justify myself.

Vic asked me to present GUT in this Forum. And a long time I didn´t like the idea, because it is a lot of work to explain it in correct way.

So I just decided to give answers to questions and explain wrong quotes. So that everyone can read the right explanation here in this forum.